Which game next?

In the weeks since the European referendum, when Britons were asked to vote on staying in or leaving the European Union, political life has been in limbo. And no one voted for that.

David Cameron resigned also as soon as the result was known. Some might put that down to cowardice; others to a shrewd mind understanding that chaos might follow hard on the heels of a loss of a vote called by him to placate his right-wing enemies.

The Labour Party has almost torn itself apart since, with all manner of politicians arguing their case to take on the leader’s role, while condemning Jeremy Corbyn to life on the back benches, where he sprang from.

Meanwhile, he vows to carry on. He intends to stand against all who would be him. Or at least take his place.

What are we to make of it?

We have a woman –  Theresa May – in charge of the Conservative Party, and thus the country. And we have three or four people vying to be the Leader of the Opposition to her party of government.

What’s needed, it seems to me, is a declaration of where this country – the United Kingdom – is headed. Are we to be an independent nation, working in the world, as did Portugal before it joined the EU? Or are we to integrate ourselves with the rest of the Europeans, and thus gain the strength that comes from numbers?

Going it alone, or crying in the wilderness

On the economic front, we could easily – perhaps – go it alone.

But on any other front, we may be a voice crying in the wilderness; a small child unhappy because its favourite toy has gone missing.

True, membership of the EU cost us something. But being a member of any club comes with expensive fees. You only have to play golf to know that.

Being out of Europe may have its advantages, but not being able to play golf is not one of them.

It’s time to tee off, if you can, and stop the uncertainty surrounding which game we are playing.

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