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One more fish in the sea

This is an edited version of a piece I posted on another website [www.creativeampersand.co.uk] a few days ago.

He turned and saw the still form of his wife lying asleep beside him; nothing to indicate that she was alive save the soft rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. She was as beautiful as ever. ‘I’m a lucky man,’ he thought.
He turned again and looked out of the window. The sky was as clear today as it had been yesterday. ‘And I guess it will be tomorrow.’
His thoughts turned to the events in Athens. ‘Too far away to worry about now.’
And then he thought about Tunisia.
They had nearly gone there. Nearly stayed in the resort where almost 40 people he might’ve got to know had lost their lives in a shooting incident. He and his wife could’ve been two more.
He was glad they hadn’t.
He turned again to look at the sleeping figure beside him.man fishing on Greek island
‘It’s just as well you got your way. We wouldn’t be here otherwise.’
It was time to go fishing.

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For PM read PR

“What is it about George Osborne?”, I asked a few weeks ago.

Now I’m minded to ask: “What is it about David Cameron?”

He seems to be everywhere, sounding off about everything.

Fracking: he thinks we ought to encourage it.

The Human Rights Act: he reckons it should go.

Jesus Christ: he’s in favour of Him.

The internet: it’s full of vile sites that parents – and the rest of us – ought to avoid like the plague.

Sunday mornings: he likes them because they give him time to cook pancakes with his kids.

Bruce Springsteen: he gets off on him when his wife’s not around.

Wayne Rooney: he wants us to know that his mum sat next to the great sulk at Wimbledon.

Badgers: they’ll have to culled, even though it’ll make the government unpopular.

Politics: he seems to have given that a miss.

Government: what’s that?

I know this is the silly season and that, over the years, we’ve learned to expect the media’s usual crop of daft stories in August.

The excuse might be that parliament’s on holiday and the PM and his senior ministers are supposed to be on vacation.

So, each year, we’re subjected to pictures of the Prime Minster of the day either lounging in a seaside deckchair/sunbathing on someone’s private yacht /wandering through a Tuscan village/hanging out with Silvio Berlusconi/eating ice cream on a pier or – in Cameron’s case this year – pointing meaninglessly at fish in a Portuguese market.

And so we foolishly think we can take a break from the great affairs if state and, instead, quietly attend to our own affairs or those of soap stars and celebrities.

Cameron, you’d think, might also want to have a period of similarly private domesticity.

But no. It seems he has to be to constantly in the news and – if not in the papers – trying to make the headlines.

Willing to say almost anything, he has to be noticed.

He’s like an over zealous PR man trying too hard to get his client in the news. Except that – in Cameron’s case – he’s his own client.

When will he learn that “PM” stands for “Prime Minister” and not the daily news and current affairs programme on Radio 4?

And when will he learn that, in his case, “PR” should stand for Public Responsibility not public relations.

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