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He’s at it again

It’s hard to believe, but last week he put his foot in his mouth again.

For one who supposedly wants to be leader of his party, George Osborne is making a pretty poor go of it. And it gets worse and worse.

His Budget last week was, in itself, a bit of a mishmash of old ideas muddled with new thinking. He had trailed some of it already. Not much of it came as a surprise. He continued to favour the better-off in British society and failed to help those less able to help themselves.

As result, the present Cabinet has lost one member – Ian Duncan-Smith, for whatever reason – and may lose more before his Master, it’s chair, David Cameron, decides enough is enough and retreats to whatever ‘retirement’ he choses.

Meanwhile, George seems to think that all he has to do is grin and we’ll like him.

Personally, I’ve always been a little circumspect about people who grin too much. They seem to be hiding something else behind the façade of friendliness.

Sometimes it’s no more than politesse. At others it’s malice; it could be idiocy.

In George’s case, it seems to be a combination of the last two. He looks like a malicious idiot.

And he did it it again last week.

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Beware the jerking knee

A week or so ago I was all set to sound off about Prime Minister David Cameron’s apparently foolish opposition to the choice of Jean-Claude Juncker as boss of the European Commission.

Cameron’s argument was that the appointment was flawed in principle – Juncker had not been elected by the people’s representatives – and he was the wrong man for the job. He’s too much of a federalist for Cameron.

Now that Juncker’s been given the nod it seems that Cameron might’ve been right and that the new President’s powers might be curbed.

Which leaves me feeling relieved that I didn’t respond to my own knee-jerk reaction to what I now see is a more complex situation than I’d thought.

I wish the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, would also be wary of his jerking knee.

His claim that “Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay” for the deaths of three hitch-hicking Israeli teenagers seems rash in the extreme, especially when there is no proof of who killed the boys.

In much the same way that Cameron’s fire-brand denunciation of Juncker’s appointment – “This is a bad day for Europe” – may be proved ill-judged, Netanyahu’s violent condemnation of Hamas may also turn out to be the wrong reaction.

In both cases, I hope sense prevails; that Britain stays in the European Union and that peace comes to Palestine.


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