Electing or appointing?

The death of Ruth Ginsberg has raised some important questions, not the least of which is do we – or the US – want a judge who works according to principle, or one that values power above all else?

Personally, I’d prefer one, like Ruth Ginsberg, who puts principle at the top of their list.

Unfortunately, today’s news from the US seems to suggest that Trump will appoint a young[ish] woman whose lifetime position will no doubt speak mainly to power. She is, after all, a Republican and a devout Christian with fixed views on abortion and child-bearing. She has five (5) children from her own womb and two adoptive ones. Isn’t seven enough to be going on with? At least for now.

Of course, she may adopt one or two more if she is appointed and has loads more money than she can probably spend. Such is the life of those who either have or seek power.

The outcome of the US election is presently unknown. But – for this blogger – it can’t come soon enough.

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