Monthly Archives: August 2020

And they’re still there!

It doesn’t seem to matter what they do, the Conservatives are still in power.

Only today Gavin Williamson is reported as being “sorry” for all the mistakes that his Government department has made that have led to thousands of young people being left with an uncertain future.

It beggars belief that he has not resigned immediately. In fact, it goes further than that. His department’s failure in this matter requires his removal. But he won’t go, because he’s a Johnson man.

And that is the root of the problem. They all seem to be Johnson men. Or Johnson women.

I guess we won’t see the back of them until he either loses the Conservative leadership or we have an election that puts them all – the lot of them – out on their ears.

Maybe then we’ll have a Government that listens to ordinary people who want to see the UK returned to being a country fit for everyone, not just the well-off.

Where now?

Last time I blogged it was in response to the Government’s ridiculous assertion that it will be “all over by Christmas”.

What on earth did they mean, and had no one responsible in Government thought that many would think that, like the First World War, our collective privations from Covid-19 would be “all over by Christmas”?

What bunk! And some foolish people believed it. They still flock to the beaches in the sunshine, often leaving their litter behind them.

Today the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is reporting that the British economy is facing the worst recession of any G7 country since records began. According to the ONS, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a favoured economic benchmark, has fallen by more than 20% during the most recent quarter and looks like it’s still falling.

What then for the unemployed?

Where this is all headed beggars belief. We were the slowest out of the blocks to respond to the global pandemic and now we seem to be the most tardy in our response.

One can’t blame the Prime Minister, although all this has happened under the Conservatives and his leadership. The Cabinet must take collective responsibility. There are those among them who, despite Boris Johnson’s bluster and his gung-ho attitude, must have seen all this was coming.

It will not be “all over by Christmas”.