Monthly Archives: July 2020

What will the Government say next?

A few days ago the Government of the UK introduced a new slogan, or at least a new[ish] catch-phrase: It’ll all be over by Christmas.

How many times have we heard that before? It’s been repeated endlessly as we have been remembering the outbreak of WW1. People believed then – as many of the country’s men marched off to be slaughtered – that it would all be over by Christmas. But war went on for four or five more years, with a dreadful loss of life on both sides, and uncertain consequences.

Now were are in much the same boat, with the present-day ‘donkeys’ in Whitehall, led by a man who looks at best like a clown or a buffoon, telling us that it will all be over soon, and the rest of us seeing no end at all to the encroachment of coronavirus on the lives we used to lead.

Does no one in Downing Street learn anything at all from (recent) history? You’d think that someone alive or at least thinking could remember that it really would be ‘all over by Christmas’. But not a bit of it. It’s as if all sloganeering – or memory of a catchphrase – had been forgotten by the authorities.

It’s enough to lead one to despair. The Government is already disgraced throughout much of the Western World for its tardiness in handling the pandemic. This latest piece of self-delusion ought to be enough to tip them into a pit marked “Total Uselessness”.

But it won’t. Rather like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson is determined to hang onto power for so long as he can, and will say anything to hold onto things as they are, so long as they keep him in office. The only difference being that it’s quite a while before the next Parliamentary election. Although we may see a leadership contest before then.

We should to be glad of that. Anyone would be better than Boris and his blustering manner with its dreadful slogans and catch-phrases..